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Dojo Fees

Overall Fee Structure

$25.00 per week
Unlimited access to all our dojo sessions including our boot camp classes and advance classes from 6am to 7:15pm,
this also includes the 6pm classes Monday to Saturday. ($15.00 One-off admin debit success fee)
Please sign up for the Dojo Plan at the following direct debit payment link: Register here

Casual Class
$15.00 per session
Can only attend one class per session. If you are looking at attending a double-session then it will be charged as 2 classes.

Pro-wrestling Class
$45 a week, price includes 6pm trainings sessions

Youth Wrestling Class
$15 per casual class, per child
$25 a week, per child
$250 per school term, per child

Payment Methods
We prefer Direct Debit for all payments. Please complete the following Forms to complete your full application.