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2023 Course Intake

3 Month Course - Details

The male and female 3 month courses will consist of the following

    • NJPW Strong-Style training from Bad Luck Fale and training staff at Fale Dojo.
    • Professional advice and guidance from Bad Luck Fale and senior coaches about the professional wrestling industry.
    • Monday to Saturday training from 9am -12.30pm (finish times may vary depending on the progress of each student).
    • Full access to evening general classes (optional, as these classes are open to wider members of the dojo).

Total cost of Full Training is $7000 (NZD) per student
$3000 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit upon acceptance to the course. Remaining balance (also non-refundable) of $4000 due on or before start of training. You may also pay an upfront lump sum for all fees due.
Please Note: For trainees on the 3 month program, if you decide to withdraw before or during the program, there will be no refunds so please ensure that before you sign up that you are absolutely committed to the programme and the requirements.

It will be each individual’s responsibility to attend all training sessions on time as there will be no carrying over or over-lapping of courses into other intakes if you are to miss training sessions.

Accommodation costs are also separate, set at $250 NZD per week (total cost of $3250 NZD). Accomodation will include: power, water, bedding, wifi and full use of Dojo facilities. Lunch is provided on certain days during each week.

Annual Year Membership Fee of $21,000 (NZD)
If you wish to submit a payment for an annual year of Dojo membership, you can pay a lump sum fee of $21,000 NZD. This will also include your accommodation as well as give you a saving of $9750 NZD.

To secure you spot for the year, a deposit payment of $8000 NZD must be made.

For further enquiries regarding intake fees and course information, please don't hesitate to contact us.