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Welcome to the Fale Dojo

Established in 2016 by founding Bullet Club member, 'The Rogue General' Bad Luck Fale.

The Fale Dojo is based in South Auckland, New Zealand. Humble beginnings for "The General' as he first came into the wrestling scene as a Young Lion from 2008-2009, then debuted for NJPW in 2010. His wrestling status elevated to greater heights in 2013 as he became one of the founding fathers of Bullet Club. Now Fale has returned home to give back to his community and also share his experience and knowledge about the wrestling business and what it takes to be a successful wrestler.

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Dojo classes and courses

  • Pro-Wrestling
  • Box Fit
  • Kickboxing
  • Wrestle Fit
  • Kids Class
  • Gear Rental

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2020-21 Course Intakes

  • 10th


    2020 - 1st Intake

    10th February - 10th May 2020
  • 1st


    2020 - 2nd Intake

    1st June - 30th August 2020
  • 7th


    2020 - 3rd Intake

    7th September - 6th December 2020
  • 15th


    2021 - 1st Intake

    15th February - 16th May 2021
  • 7th


    2021 - 2nd Intake

    7th June - 5th September 2021
  • 13th


    2021 - 3rd Intake

    13th June - 12th December 2021